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Author, Author is the 22nd episode of Season 1 on NBC series Frasier.


Frasier and Niles decide to collaborate on a book on sibling relations.


Niles is working on a psychology book, but the project has come to a halt since someone else wrote a book on the idea he sold the publisher. He meets with his publisher, Sam Tanaka, at Café Nervosa with Frasier at the table to present a new idea, which he doesn't have. When Sam floats the idea of two siblings writing a book about sibling psychology, Niles leaps on the idea and tells him that will be the project. Frasier is initially reluctant to join the project, but Niles convinces him to do it. When they start writing, they find themselves at a loss for ideas, but get the idea to use Frasier's show to get material. The next day, Frasier has a theme show and asks callers to share their stories of sibling relationships, giving them a wealth of material for the day. After the show Sam Tanaka calls and tells them he has been discussing the serialization rights with Reader's Digest and wants the first few chapters as a sample. Frasier and Niles tell him their current material is very rough and Sam gives them until Friday to rework the book.

Following the Gershwin brothers' example, Frasier suggests that he and Niles lock themselves in a hotel room to get the privacy they need. They do so and start writing, but spend days in the hotel room and become unable to even agree on the opening sentence. Come Friday, they have nothing to show for their work except a lot of resentment on Niles' part because he is annoyed by how he is more successful as a psychiatrist than Frasier, who still becomes a celebrity, and he is tired of being the second of the two to reach the milestones of life, such as getting married and having children. After the Crane brothers' fight turns into physical violence, they split up. After their resentment continues for a while, Martin tells them about a partner he had on the force who as killed after they had a similar falling out. The story, which he later tells Daphne was a lie, makes Frasier and Niles make amends.

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