Bristle While You Work is the 7th episode of Season 10 on NBC series Frasier.


Frasier and Martin hire a new housekeeper that Martin likes, but she turns out to be hopeless at work. Meanwhile, Niles keeps beating impossible odds and worries that it's a bad thing.


Frasier and Martin try to find a new housekeeper to replace Daphne. They set up interviews, but Martin becomes irritated that Frasier nitpicks and isn't happy with any candidate. Finally, a woman named Trish Hainey shows up (an hour late), and Martin immediately takes a liking to her when he learns that she is a Sonics fan like him. While Frasier doesn't think she's reliable, Martin insists on making the final decision and picks Trish. However, on her first day, Martin finds her incredibly tardy because she rarely shows up for work and always goes out for personal errands. Because Martin had to convince Frasier to trust his judgment, he covers for Trish and cleans the apartment himself so Frasier can't gloat at him. One day, Frasier comes back early while Martin, in Trish's absence, cleans the apartment. He pretends that Trsh has become upset and locked herself in the bathroom. While he pretends to comfort her through the door, Trish comes in through the front door and Frasier finds out what is happening. Martin then lets Trish go.

In a separate storyline, Niles has been having a throbbing toothache which has a very slim chance of being a case of "referred pain", i.e. symptomatic of a condition elsewhere. Throughout the episode, he keeps beating impossible odds in all kinds of ways: he twice wins a fanny pack from corks on water bottles, he spots a black couple that look just like him and Daphne and even have the same names, his car is struck by lightning, etc. When he finds out that he had a great-uncle who died of a heart attack when he was his age, he goes to a cardiologist. It turns out that there is an anomaly in his EKG and the doctor tells him to check into a hospital immediately.


Niles continues talking to the doctor, who gives him a bottle of water. Afraid that he'll win another fanny pack, he turns it down.

Title Cards

  • In Street Jargon, He's Known As "The Mark"