Charlotte Connor is a recurring character on Season 11 of NBC series Frasier. She is portrayed by Laura Linney.


Charlotte is a savvy, smart, charming matchmaker, whom Frasier seeks out to find a good partner. However, he eventually ends up falling for her. She is first seeing a man named Frank, but they break up and she and Frasier get together. Their relationship is forced to end when she is going to move back to Chicago. Frasier is intending to go to Los Angeles to move on up to television in the series finale. But instead, the series ends with Frasier on a flight to Chicago, intending on continuing their relationship.


Charlotte's first appearance was Season 11 Episode 18 - "Match Game". In the previous episode, Fraiser sees that his brother is having a baby and his father is getting remarried, and begins to feel lonely and empty. In this episode, he meets Charlotte who seeks to capitalize on those emotions by charging Fraiser $10,000 for a match making service. After a series of bad dates, Fraiser discovers that Charlotte only has five clients in her match making service, and scammed him out of ten thousand dollars with her illegitimate business run out of her apartment. In the end, he falls in love with her, forgives her, and discovers she has a boyfriend.

In Season 11 Episode 19 - "Miss Right Now", Charlotte goes camping with her boyfriend (Frank), and they get into a fight. Fraiser has a spare key to her apartment so when Charlotte leaves the camping trip to return home, she and Fraiser have a conversation that seems to indicate they will get together. At the end of the episode however, Charlotte calls her boyfriend and they get back together, leaving Fraiser feeling empty.