All the guests have arrived.

Crock Tales was the 262 episode of Frasier. It is the last 30-minute episode of the show's run. It aired on May 4, 2004. It was directed by Sheldon Epps and written by Jon Sherman and Bob Daily.

Episode SummaryEdit

Frasier chips a crock-pot and is about to throw it out until he recollects the memories he had with the item. The episode then goes into flashback segments, each with an assigned year.

2003: Niles and Daphne are back from Tahiti, their honeymoon place and Roz tries to set Frasier up with Lizbeth, her friend.

2002: It's Cinco de Mayo and Roz's birthday. Niles and Daphne enjoy their active sex life.

1999: It's Independence Day and Frasier, dressed in a full Uncle Sam outfit, is about to take part in a Fourth of July parade.

1998: It's Thanksgiving, Frasier is still unemployed, making Daphne worried that she will be fired due to lack of money. Niles is finally divorced and unhappily living in the Shangri-La. Roz gets a temporary job at a phone sex line.

1996: Niles is married to Maris, Roz is single, and Frasier has more unsuccessful dates.

1993: The setting is when Frasier's hair was longer, Daphne's in a bouffant, and with all the original clothing styles. Frasier and Martin are still not getting along together fine and Kenny Daly appears as a pizzaman hoping to become big in Seattle radio.

After the flashbacks, Frasier fixes the pot and brings it to the table. Then, when all the guests have arrived, he fills it with water and it all leaks from the cracks.


  • Presumably, the "what a crock" concept is in there somewhere.

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