Eddie is a character on NBC series Frasier. He is portrayed by Moose for the first seven seasons, and by his son, Enzo, the remaining four.

Character Edit

Eddie is the Jack Russell Terrier owned by Martin Crane. He is capable of understanding many commands and human language to a certain degree, for instance on display when someone spells out B-A-T-H and Eddie scarpers to avoid it. Eddie has a tendency to, at length, sit and stare at Frasier. After about a year living in Frasier's Apartment, Eddie fathers six puppies, which causes Frasier to have him neutered.[1] His puppies also have a tendency to stare at Frasier. He generally listens only to Martin, and has an inconsistency in learning tricks. He occasionally listens to Daphne Moon, and upon her visits, only fully adheres to Lillith Sternin, out of fright.


  • His birthday is first said to be May 7, but later changed to May 15.
  • It was revealed in a flashback in The Return of Martin Crane that, prior to obtaining Eddie, Martin had purchased a goldfish also named Eddie. When a colleague suggested that he get a dog, Martin claimed not to be a dog person.
  • According to various commentaries and behind the scenes programmes, Moose was extremely well-trained and obedient to his owner, but never really took to any of the cast.

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Notes and references Edit

  1. The Unkindest Cut Of All

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