Father of the Bride is the 2nd episode of Season 7 on NBC series Frasier.


FRASIER, MARITAL MASTER OF CEREMONIES -- As Daphne (Jane Leeves) grows more frazzled with her strong-willed mother's plans for her impending marriage, Frasier (Kelsey Grammer) gallantly offers to pay for everything and takes over the planning, but he soon overinflates her simple wedding onto a bloated scale rivaling the opening ceremonies of the Olympics. Away from the flurry of activity, a beaming Niles (David Hyde Pierce) presents his statuesque new girlfriend (guest star Loryn Locklin) -- who has a curious habit of keeping tabs of the hours they've spent together.


Frasier is trying to decide on a wedding present for Daphne and Donny, and Roz is apprehensive in case she is asked to be a bridesmaid, recalling her previous experiences (all of which involved wearing awful dresses). After a conversation with Martin, Frasier decides to pay for the wedding flowers. Unfortunately, when he announces this to Daphne, he is suffering from a bout of hiccups brought on by some jerky Martin made him eat, he only manages to get as far as saying: "Dad and I would be honored to pay for your wedding…". Daphne, who has so far been trying not to let her mother take control of the ceremony and arrangements because she is paying, is delighted. Consequently, Frasier feels obliged not to complete the sentence. However, he becomes so involved with the details of organizing everything, trying to plan things his way, that Daphne starts to worry that she will have the same problem as with her mother. Meanwhile, Niles is very pleased at having met an attractive woman through what he presumes to be a dating service. The name "Executive Match" rings bells with Frasier, as he heard Donny use it while discussing a client on the phone; it is, in fact, an escort agency, which means that Niles is unwittingly dating a call girl, and in fact an extremely high-priced one, for whose services he is being billed by the hour.