Harry Moon is a minor character on Frasier. He is played by Brian Cox.

Character Edit

Harry is the father of Daphne, Simon, Michael, Billy, Stephen, David, Peter, Reginald and Nigel Moon. He is a heavy drinker, funded by others who pay him to pretend to hit on their girlfriends, whereupon they would "punch" Harry to impress said girls. He eventually leaves his wife, Gertrude.


Harry Moon

However, his son-in-law Niles tries to get them to reconcile, but ultimately fails. His relationship with his daughter Daphne is much closer than his wife's, but he still returns to England when he and Gertrude split. He is the son of the infamous Grammy Moon. Whilst not distinctively Mancunian, his accent is generically North of England - most of the time.

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