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"Niles – Remember what Mom always said: a handshake's as good as a hug
Frasier – Wise woman
―Maternal insight[src]
Dr. Hester Crane is a guest character on NBC series Frasier. She is portrayed by Rita Wilson.

Character Edit

Hester is the deceased wife of Martin Crane, the mother of Frasier Crane and Niles Crane and the paternal grandmother of Frederick and David Crane. Like her two sons, Hester was a psychiatrist. She met Martin over the outline of a body, as she was called by the Seattle Police Department to create a profile for a murder suspect.

Martin mentions that she commemorated the occasion of their anniversary by baking gingerbread men shaped like the outline (Frasier and Niles thought they were dancing).[1] She had an affair when her children were young, one summer at the lake. Though it was tough on their marriage, they were able to get past it and ultimately spend 40 years together before she died of lung cancer.

Hester named her sons after two lab rats she observed while pregnant with Frasier.[2] Although her exact cause of death was never stated, a flashback Martin has implied she died from lung cancer. A younger version of her appeared on Frasier, when Frasier briefly dates a woman who bears a striking resemblance to her[3], and later in a dream sequence.[4]


  • She was first seen on Cheers in 1984, played by Nancy Marchand, where she tried to break up the relationship between Diane Chambers and Frasier. She died three years later in 1987, during the timeline of Cheers.
  • Hester died only two years before the birth of her and Martin's first grandchild, Frederick.
  • In "Don Juan in Hell: Part 2" she describes each of Frasier's exes as "The Barmaid, Slacker and Icicle" referring to Diane, Nanette and Lilith respectively.


Notes and references Edit

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