Junior Agent is the tenth episode of the ninth season, and the two hundred and second overall. It was written by Bob Daily and was directed by Scott Ellis. It first aired on November 27, 2001.


The Seattle radio airwaves have a new star psychiatrist: Dr. Zach, a doctor from whom Frasier differs entirely. Dr. Zach's brand of radio is, as Frasier describes it, "suggestive smarmy sleaze", but it has become very popular. Kenny suggests Frasier emulate him a little to improve the ratings. Frasier prefers the idea of raising the advertising budget; Kenny disagrees. This prompts Frasier to contact his agent, but upon arriving at Bebe Glazer's office, he learns that her newest client is Dr. Zach himself. She passes Frasier on to her former assistant, Portia Sanders (Kristin Chenoweth), who has become a "full-fledged junior agent". Frasier refuses and storms out angrily, deciding to end his association with Bebe's agency. However, he finds Portia very persistent, determined to prove her abilities to him. Meanwhile, he is disappointed not to have any more offers from agents, so considers representing himself. Martin attempts to avoid a medical examination by asking Niles to write a prescription for him. Niles refuses to violate his ethics, so Martin devises a plan by which he hopes to force his hand.

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Frasier Crane

Niles Crane

Martin Crane

Daphne Moon

Roz Doyle

Kenny Daly

Bebe Glazer

Portia Sanders

Dr. Zach

Title CardsEdit

  • In Martin's Defense, Eddie Ate Some Too

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