Look Before You Leap is the 16th episode of Season 3 on NBC series Frasier.

Synopsis Edit

PACK PARACHUTE – On Leap Day, Frasier encourages everyone to use what he calls a "bonus day" to take a leap and do something special. Everyone realises there will be no stopping his "take a leap" philosophy: Roz appeals on-air for a date with a handsome stranger she met on the bus; Martin takes off for a buddy's birthday bash in Montana; and Daphne gets a new haircut. Meanwhile, an affection-starved looks forward to Maris' invitation to "get together" – which Frasier tries to discourage – and Frasier takes his own leap by announcing he will throw caution to the wind and sing an untried aria instead of a show tune during his annual appearance on a televised charitable pledge drive.

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