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  • Hi! I’m the new admin of the Cheers wiki and I was wondering if you were willing to be more closely related as we are set in the same universe, I see a few ways to do this.

    1. We simply get closer, a few more crosslinks a little affiliates section with the other at the bottom, you know, the normal thing for twon
    2. A partial merge which would mean we’d stay at seperate domains and whatnot but we’d have a pretty uniform policy/format and lots of crosslinks to one side exclusive characters if they need to be mentions, any shared pages would start/end with a link to the other so that won’t happen too often.
    3. A full merge, I’m sure you know how it works, I’d say we should probably go to the Cheers wiki but that can be discussed.

    So you can choose which one of these you like the most, or the current status quo, you probably want to talk to other admin so just respond with whatever option you want and we can discuss the logistics.

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