Niles' Apartment is a location on NBC series Frasier, located in Seattle, WA.

About Edit

Niles owns an apartment in a prestigious Seattle apartment building called The Montana. Upon the family's first visit there, Niles notes that the doorman let in Frasier because he knows him, as the Montana doorman lives in the Elliott Bay Towers – Frasier's building.

Layout Edit

Ground floor

The door opens up unto the combined living- and dining room, with a fireplace and a door adjacent to the dining area which leads to the kitchen. Between the fireplace and the dining area is a staircase unto the landing of the 1st floor. To the left of the entrance is a hallway.

1st floor

Contains multiple rooms, including Niles' bedroom, a gift wrapping room, library and study. Martin, while lost, also found a path unto another landing with a bookcase harbouring a secret door, which is open by pushing the bottom of the Mrs. Dalloway. The landing atop the staircase leading from the living room also opens up unto a balcony.

2nd floor

A second staircase leads up unto the 2nd floor, although the layout goes unmentioned

Photos Edit

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