Roz and the Schnoz is the 21st episode of Season 5 on NBC series Frasier.


MOM-TO-BE ROZ LEARNS IT RUNS IN THE FAMILY; KEVIN KILNER GUEST-STARS -- When Roz (Peri Gilpin) finally meets the parents (guest stars Kevin Kilner, 'Almost Perfect' and Jordan Baker) of her baby's father, she is shocked to notice a family facial characteristic that can't be ignored. Also, when Frasier (Kelsey Grammer) buys Daphne (Jane Leeves) a pair of inexpensive earrings, in appreciation for her five years of work for the Cranes, she assumes they are made with real sapphires.


Roz is having her apartment fumigated, so Frasier offers to put her up, as Martin is off to San Francisco for the weekend with Duke. Later, Frasier gives Daphne a pair of earrings from the pharmacy, which she mistakes for real sapphires in honor of her five-year anniversary of working for Frasier. Roz arrives just as Martin is leaving, and tells Frasier that she has had her calls forwarded to his number. One of the messages left is from the Garretts, the parents of Rick, the father of Roz's baby, who want to get in touch and see how she is. Roz is somewhat alarmed by this, and wonders what they want, but Frasier thinks it would be a good idea to meet them, and so invites them over that weekend.

Wikia Frasier - Roz meets the Garretts

Once they arrive, both Frasier and Roz find it impossible to ignore the fact that both Steve and Paula Garrett have huge noses. Roz struggles to keep a straight face, as do Niles and Daphne. Martin too, having cut his trip short out of sheer disappointment, gets a shock when he meets them for the first time. Roz thanks Frasier for getting her to meet with Rick's parents, and he points out that Rick didn't have a big nose. However, the Garretts then give Roz a picture of Rick before his nose job. Roz talks to Daphne as she begins to panic that her child may inherit Rick's nose and her own ears, which she (Roz) begged her parents to get fixed as a birthday present as she entered her teens.


  • This is one of eight episodes for which Roz's name features in the title, more than any other character except Frasier himself.
  • Peri Gilpin remarks this as her favorite episode.