Shutout In Seattle: Part 2 is the 24th episode and second part of the finale of Season 6 on NBC series Frasier.

Plot Edit


Bulldog is fired from his job at KACL, due to low ratings, and seeks comfort in his "relationship" with Roz. Kit and Niles have a rampant fling, but Niles eventually grows tired of her and ends it. Faye leaves Frasier when she meets the real Cassandra. Martin also dumps Bonnie, after her dog takes advantage of Eddie. All of the Crane men went from being in happy relationships to being single in a single day and end up together singing "Goldfinger" at the piano bar.

Trivia Edit

  • Last appearances of Faye, Cassandra, Bonnie and Kit
  • Martin dumps Bonnie
  • Bulldog "dumps" Roz
  • Faye and Cassandra finally meet, ending Faye and Frasier's relationship

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