Slow Tango In South Seattle is the premiere of Season 2 on NBC series Frasier.


LOW KEY – Frasier's foray into manhood becomes a best-seller! Frasier fumes after Thomas Jay Fallow (guest star John O'Hurley), a Boston bar buddy he once helped overcome writer's block, turns the confidential story of Frasier's initiation into manhood by his older piano teacher into a best-selling, romantic novella.


A romantic novel, Slow Tango in South Seattle, has become a bestseller, captivating female readers all over Seattle. When Frasier catches Roz reading it, he recognizes the author, Thomas Jay Fallow, as someone he knew from Cheers and helped work through his writing block ("In the future, I'll remember to use my power for good and not for evil"). Later, Frasier finds out what the book is about and is furious to learn that the story is based on the story of how he lost his virginity to his older piano teacher, Clarice Warner, before he went to college, something he had told Fallow in confidence and which Fallow didn't acknowledge in the book. When Fallow is interviewed by a book show on KACL, Frasier listens in and gives Fallow a chance to tell the truth. When he just says "the story was given to him by God", Frasier is outraged. Confronting him after the broadcast, Frasier finds out that Fallow apparently just forgot about Frasier telling him the story, driving Fallow to tears.

Back at his apartment, Frasier finds out that Fallow went on to publicly correct his mistake and give Frasier credit after their confrontation. However, Frasier still doesn't feel satisfied. Daphne, who has started reading the book, walks in and shames Frasier for how the romance in the book ends, with him leaving Miss Warner after a night of passion without even saying goodbye, only leaving behind a rose. Niles points out, as Frasier realizes, that his anger towards Fallow was just him misdirecting his shame of how he broke it off with Miss Warner. Frasier ruminates on this, reading the book again, and eventually goes to Ms Warner's house to apologize. He finds an old woman there playing the piano and assumes her to be Ms Warner. He apologizes to her for his actions and thanks her for her contribution to his life, even though she doesn't remember any of it. It turns out that the woman Frasier has been talking to is not Clarice Warner, but her mother, and Clarice herself has aged very well. Frasier apologizes again, but Clarice doesn't hold any grudge against him. Frasier asks her out for coffee, hoping to rekindle their relationship since the age difference isn't a problem anymore. She turns him down and it turns out that she is dating a man in her early 20s.

Credits Scene

Frasier and Clarice's mother play the piano together, when she starts hitting on him, resulting in both of them falling onto the floor.


"By God?!? Would you believe this guy's grandiosity, I'm God and he knows it!!"


  • Frasier had sex for the first time with his piano teacher, Clarice Warner
  • Bulldog had sex for the first time on his 16th birthday with a hooker paid for by his father. He states all he wanted was a bike, explaining Bulldog's general oversexed behaviour stemming from the unresolved trauma of his first time.