The Zoo Story is the 12th episode of Season 5 on NBC series Frasier.

Synopsis Edit

WHAT'S A BIRD IN THE HAND WORTH? -- It's contract renegotiation time at Seattle's KACL, so Frasier (Kelsey Grammer)hires a new, ethical agent (guest star Robert Stanton) who plans to raise Frasier's profile by having the zoo name a new crane after him. Taking a different approach, Roz (Peri Gilpin) calls in Bebe Glazer (guest star Harriet Sansom Harris, NBC's 'Union Square'), Frasier's former tough-as-nails agent, to represent her. Also, Niles (David Hyde Pierce) unwittingly begins a battle of willpower with his estranged wife, Maris.

Photos Edit

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