Visions Of Daphne is the 22nd episode of Season 6 on NBC series Frasier.

Recap Edit

Martin sees Donny Douglas getting an engagement ring from a jewelry store. Martin confides in Frasier, and Daphne overhears them say something about her and she implores them. Initially, she feared it was her mother, but Martin tells her what really happened. Daphne comes to Niles' office, and asks him what she should do about the psychic vision she had. Her vision was of herself at her wedding, when someone interrupted her wedding claiming he was the love of her life. Daphne didn't see his face, only that he was wearing a red bow tie.

Frasier hears the vision, and says that it was psychological stress. Niles becomes noble, and backs Frasier's theory, and Daphne gets mad at him. However, when Donny proposes to her, she decides to say yes anyway. However, Daphne later says that she had another vision, this time the strange man had a dragon. In the end, Niles received a package from Roz, containing a dragon statue.

Starring Edit

Guest starring

Saul Rubinek as Donny Douglas

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